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Registered with Alberta Teacher Association as a Professional Teacher (B.Ed)



Creative Studies Teacher / 2019 - Present

 Calgary Board of Education, Nelson Mandela High School, Calgary Alberta Canada

Developed and delivered a variety of design and fine arts courses to classes of 35-40- grade 10 to 12 students F in the following subject areas:

  • Fashion Design Studies

  • Visual Arts

  • Photography

  • Community Childcare

Visual Arts Teacher / 2012-2019

Spring Bank Art programs, Private art school, Spring Bank Alberta Canada

Developed and delivered a variety of design and fine arts courses to classes of 4 to 16- grade 7 to 12 students  as well as private instruction to adult students in the following subject areas:


  • Drawing fundamentals

  • Painting fundamentals

  • Painting techniques (watercolor, acrylic, oil, pastel, pencil)

  • Fashion Design and Fashion Illustration

  • Textile Art Techniques and Silk Painting

  • Sewing Techniques 

  • Crochet and Knitting

  • 3D clay hand building,  Polymer clay & Bead jewelry design

  • Adobe Creative Suite with a focus on Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator

  • DSLR Photography and digital editing in Photoshop

  • Audio edition and composition using Garage Band & Apple Logic Pro

  • Video editing using iMovie and Apple Final cut Pro


Creative Studies Teacher / 2006-2012

       Rocky View Schools, Cochrane High School, Cochrane Alberta Canada

  • Developed literature-based modules for creative studies courses based on Alberta Education’s curriculum

  • Implemented 21st-century teaching/learning techniques by adopting new cutting-edge media technology

  • Developed and implemented programs to encourage student participation in creative engagement

  • Delivered a variety of design and fine arts courses to classes of 25 to 34 grades 9 to 12 students in the following subject areas:

  • Design Studies 10-20-30: Design fundamentals, design concepts, identity design, perspective, sketching and modelling, design history, technical designs and guided specialized design, all from beginner to advanced level.

  • Communication Technology10-20-30: Web design, video production, audio production, multimedia presentation, 2D animation. All from beginner to advanced level.

  • Fashion Design Studies 10-20-30: Clothing sketching and illustration, clothing design, sewing construction, advanced costume construction, pattern drafting, textile arts, history and evolution of clothing, Jewelry design. All from beginner to advanced level.  

  • Extracurricular activities and community involvements:

  • Yearbook Director: Lead and supervised groups of 12 to 20 students who create Cochrane high’s yearbook committee, designed templates and trained students on Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator and worked hand in hand with the printing company to ensure producing quality yearbooks.

  • Musical theatre production stage coordinator: Designed, constructed and painted costumes and theater sets for several musical plays, supervise grade 12 students in costume design and theatre set design production including historical research, designing and illustration and advanced costume construction.

  • Fashion Show Production Director: Organized, mentored, supervised and trained fashion show, participants. The Fashion Shows covered the following areas:

       Creative Costume design by inspiration from nature. Costume illustration by hand and computer. Textile arts including hand paintings, Batik painting, tie-dying, fabric stamping and computer iron transfer technique. Fashion accessory design including knitting projects, handbags, and jewelry design


      College Arts and Design Instructor / 2002-2006

        Alberta College of Arts and Design, Calgary, Alberta Canada

  • Developed course outlines and rubrics to assess the students' works

  • Created an engaging and collaborative learning environment for students in which offered enough guidance for them to get started on an existing path but also create a secure enough environment for them to express their ideas in their works of art and allow their artistic talents to grow.

  • Collaborated in the planning and creating of a one-year Clothing Design Certificate at Alberta College of Art and Design’s continuing education department

  • Delivered a variety of design and fine arts courses to classes of 16 adult students in the following subject area:

  • Illustration Fundamentals - Level One: Sketching models in a variety of poses, illustrating different textures and materials, drawing clothing, drawing faces, hair and detailed features, illustrating accessories including hats, scarfs, handbags, and jewelry

  • Illustration Advanced Techniques –Traditional Artistic Approach-Level Two: Illustrating clothing and figures using a variety of artistic techniques including watercolor, gouache, marker, pen and ink, colored pencil and using mixed media to create a variety of textures of the materials

  • Illustration Advanced Techniques – Computer-based Illustration- Level Three: Creating the technical drawing for production using Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw software applications, creating a variety of textures and backgrounds using Adobe Photoshop, designing patterns for textile prints using both Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, preparing the final design for both print media and web-based media

  • Design Fundamentals: Elements of clothing design including body blocks and details, the optical illusion of lines and textures, color blocking, the psychology of colors, design history and their effects on contemporary designs, a variety of existing designs for sleeves, collar and lapel, skirts and pants

  • Design Advanced: Research-based projects on designing for the following topics: historical clothing, eveningwear, sportswear, bridal wear, children’s clothing, sleepwear and contemporary daytime clothing

  • Artistic Costume Design:  Research-based projects with a main focus on the creative process, gathering information regarding a particular topic (ie. Historical period/cultural themes/inspiration from natures, etc.) and sketching and designing new ideas based on the same source and adding a personal artistic theme to them. The final project for this course was a fashion/clothing show presentation.

  • Batik Painting: Artistic painting on silk using the traditional process of masters including sketching, transferring the design to the silk with pencil, outlining the design with hot wax and paraffin, painting, and shading with the brush using batik paint (similar to watercolor techniques) and finally removing the wax and paraffin


Fine Arts Practicum Teacher, 2005-2006

Calgary Board of Education, Ernest Morrow Junior High School, Calgary Alberta Canada

Specialties: Fine Arts in Visual Arts

Grade Level: 7-9

• Developed lesson plans and taught several fine art projects including drawing, acrylic painting, Batik painting, clay hand building, pottery, and sculpture to classes of 22 to 27 students of all grades according to the Alberta Education curriculum guidelines

Fine Arts Practicum Teacher, 2003-2004

Calgary Board of Education, Alternative High School, Calgary Alberta Canada
Specialties: Fine Arts in Visual Arts
Grade Level: 10-12
• Developed and delivered lessons for clay hand building, wheel throwing, watercolor painting, pen & ink drawing, batik painting, digital photography and computer photo editing using Adobe Photoshop

Visual Arts instructor, 2002, 2004

City of Calgary Recreational Centres, North Mount Pleasant and Wildflower Arts Centres,

Calgary Alberta Canada
• Provided instruction, planning, and delivered a variety of courses in two-dimensional and three-dimensional arts to a variety of age groups from preschoolers to teens in visual arts

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