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  • Experiment with bias cut and draping methods to design free-size and comfortable clothing with an elegant look to allow easy movement and a breathable feel using cotton, linen, & silk

  • Experiment with a variety of mark-making and painting techniques on different surfaces

  • Experiment with a variety of materials to create unique headpieces with inspiration from flowers and plants

  • Jewellery design and process with a focus on tiny paintings on pendants and lockets


Creative Process in Art Making Across Visual Arts & Performing Arts;

The Seven Stages of Erfan; A Telematic Expression of Integrated Art Creation Inspired by Rumi’s Mystical Poems


This research developed a creative process for integrated art creation using a combination of collage and storyboarding as a trans-methodological approach in the gathering and organization of artistic data. Collage/storyboarding allows the artist to organize both visual and audio data in such way that everything can be seen, heard and comprehended in a single digital collage. This unified form of realization brings an understanding of the whole to the artist in an of age media overload.  My thesis had two parts; research dissertation and thesis project. Research dissertation was a 200-page document that was published at the University of Calgary and the thesis project was a 35-minute telematic opera that was performed telematically between two separate locations at the University of Calgary. I lead and directed the artist crew of 19 people for this telematic opera performance, including musicians, dancers, videographers, photographers and computer technicians over the course of fourteen month. 


This research project employed seven forms of art creation, in which storyboarding was experimented with as a unified methodology through the use of technology as an enabling tool. The seven forms of art creation are as follows:

  • Still Images which lead to set design

  • Sounds which lead to music creation

  • Costumes which lead to costume design for the sama dancer and the musicians

  • Motion Pictures which lead to set design

  • Poems of Rumi and Prose Poems of me which lead to composing the libretto

  • Sama Dance which lead to an expressional modern mystical dance

  • Telematic actors and connections which lead to composing the whole theatrical telematic final performance


I used the following software application to create the final project:

  • Music composition: Logic Pro7 (Apple n.d.)

  • Sound processing: Bias Peak 8 (Bias Sound Creative n.d.)

  • Motion Pictures: Final Cut Pro X 9 (Apple n.d.)

  • Live motion pictures: VDMX 10 (Vidvox n.d.)

  • Still Image processing: Adobe Photoshop11 (Adobe n.d.)

  • Graphic and Calligraphy: Adobe Illustrator12 (Adobe n.d.)

  • Poetry and libretto: Celtex 13 (celtx n.d.)

  • Telematic network mapping: MindNode 14(MindNode n.d.) and Adobe Illustrator 15 (Adobe n.d

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