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Pari Silks- Pari Chehrehsa-2022-scarf145.JPG
Pari Silks- Pari Chehrehsa-2022-scarf42.JPG
Pari Silks- Pari Chehrehsa-2022-scarf203.JPG
Pari Silks- Pari Chehrehsa-2022-scarf73.JPG
Pari Silks- Pari Chehrehsa-2022-scarf181.JPG
Pari Silks- Pari Chehrehsa-2022-scarf16.JPG

Paradise is the name of our new collection that was released in Spring 2022.

This collection consists of free-size black and white dresses to offer a comfortable and joyful experience in warmer months of the year as well as rectangular fine silk scarves and large square silk coverups.

The colour pallet used to create the original artworks for this collection are soft, heavenly, and dreamy colours tinted with white.

All the dresses are made to order, the original pieces are available at our studio atelier for viewing. These dresses are intended as individual beach wedding dresses.

The silk scarves and coverups also could be custom-made or could be purchased as shown in the photographs.

You are welcome to book an appointment and view them at our studio atelier at your convinince.

Pari Silks- Pari Chehrehsa-2022-scarf54.JPG
Pari Silks- Pari Chehrehsa-2022-scarf157.JPG
Pari Silks- Pari Chehrehsa-2022-scarf150.JPG
Pari Silks- Pari Chehrehsa-2022-scarf25.JPG
Pari Silks- Pari Chehrehsa-2022-scarf161.JPG
Pari Silks- Pari Chehrehsa-2022-scarf163.JPG

with special gratitude to all who were involved in the spring/summer fashion runway event:

Event Organizer: @nulla_art_fashion @just_call_me_sheila

Modeling Agency: @pattifalconeragency

Venue: @ CO*LAB

Videography:@frame_2.0 @abhilashmathew2.0

photography: @gracesvisuals
Music: @celinedion @anreabocelliofficial @celticwomanofficial Models:@christina.birea @mallorymaate @smirshahi5

@mividafamosa @aleksandralab.pfm @that_dancer_charlotte @ellapedde @emersen @rachelhassonyyc @raeghan.c @tayanieldd

Designer: @pari_chehrehsa @parisilks

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