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Over 14 years of progressive experience in “Creative Design”, " Fashion Design", “Teaching Visual Arts” and “Computational Media Design” with diversified technical and operational capabilities as a Designer, a Creative Arts Leader and a Visual Arts Instructor.


Flexible and competent in assuming a broad range of project responsibilities requiring a multi-disciplinary knowledge base; Solid technical knowledge in multimedia software applications along with strong creative thinking and skills in both fine arts and applied arts.


Noted for exercising good judgment, sound and timely decision-making, recognizing opportunities, supervising creative crews to maximize efficiency in order to meet stringent schedule and cost requirements.


Knowledgeable, skilled and seasoned in art project developments and use of effective strategies and interpersonal styles to influence and guide professional teams toward accomplishment of identified objectives and goals in a timely manner; Able to manage multiple projects.


Interpersonal and relationship building skills proven through directing the artist crew of 19 people for a telematic opera (including musicians, dancers, videographers, photographers and computer technicians) over the course of fourteen month, as well as team leading of artist crew of seven people for performing two world music ensembles over the course of two years.


Highly critical thinker with effective researching skills proven through teaching work experience in resource development as well as thesis research on the topic of “Creative Process”.


Exceptional leadership skills developed through work experience in school position as a teacher and student mentor/leader for several extra curricular activities including the yearbook graphic and photography production, school website production and musical theater production for six years.



Areas of Expertise

Highly energetic, welcoming challenges and overcoming adversity.


An innovative, inspired, creative “out of the box” thinker and self-starter with leadership skills accustomed to function in fast-paced team environments.


Integrates technical knowledge in all aspects of the creative productions


Collaborates with technical services, financial units and production artists.


Broad knowledge range of various sectors of creative industry including audio production, video production, still image production, fashion design, textile arts and vector based design production

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