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2019- Current- Nelson Mandela High School

Fashion Design Studies 10-20-30

Photography 10-20 30

Visual Arts 10-20-30

Community Childcare 10-20-30

2006-2012 - Cochrane High School

Fashion Design Studies 10-20-30: History and evolution of clothing, advanced costume construction, pattern drafting, sewing construction, clothing design, textile arts, clothing Illustration, Jewelry design and merchandising. 


Design Studies 10-20-30: Design fundamentals, design concepts, theater design, interior design, sketching and modeling, history of design, perspective, technical designs and guided specialized design from beginner to advanced level. (Please see the module chart below for the list of courses thought)

Communication Technology10-20-30: Real-time videography for live performances and presentation using VDMX, Abelton live and Final cut Pro Digital design, digital imaging, animation design and web design using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash, Adobe InDesign Google Picas, Google site Designer and Microsoft Office Electroacoustic sound and music productions using Logic Pro, Garage band, Peak, all from beginner to advanced level. 



2002-2006 -Alberta College of Art and Design

Clothing Illustration Fundamentals - Level One: Sketching models in a variety of poses, illustrating different textures and materials, drawing clothing, drawing faces, hair and detailed features, illustrating accessories including hats, scarfs, handbags, and jewelry


Clothing Illustration Advanced Techniques –Traditional Artistic Approach-Level Two: Illustrating clothing and figures using a variety of artistic techniques including watercolor, gouache, marker, pen and ink, colored pencil and using mixed media to create a variety of textures of the materials

Clothing Illustration Advanced Techniques – Computer-based Illustration- Level Three: Creating technical drawings for production using Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw software applications, creating a variety of textures and background using Adobe Photoshop, designing patterns for textile prints using both Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, preparing the final design for both print media and web-based media

Clothing Design Fundamentals: Elements of clothing design including body blocks and details, optical illusion of lines and textures, color blocking, the psychology of colors, design history and their effects on contemporary designs, variety of existing designs for sleeves, collar and lapel, skirts and pants

Clothing Design Advanced: Research based projects on designing for the following topics: historical clothing, eveningwear, sport wear, bridal wear, children’s clothing, sleep wear and contemporary daytime clothing

Artistic Costume Design:  Research based projects with a main focus on the creative process, gathering information regarding a particular topic (ei. Historical period/cultural themes/inspiration from natures, etc.) and sketching and designing new ideas based on the same source and adding personal artistic themes to them. The final project for this course was a fashion/clothing show presentation.

Batik Painting: Artistic painting on silk using the traditional process of masters including sketching, transferring the design to the silk with pencil, outlining the design with hot wax and paraffin, painting and shading with brushes using batik paint (similar to watercolor techniques) and finally removing the wax and paraffin


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